I made it!

Yesterday was a good day, I got the news I had been waiting for. I opened the e-mail and there it was, “You’ve been selected.”

No, this wasn’t the TechStars acceptance e-mail (although I’m hopeful I’ll get one of those next week) this was an e-mail from John Cook of TechFlash fame inviting me to join the TechFlash foursome for the WTIA’s Annual Golf Scramble on July 26th. John wrote a blog post asking for submissions by people who were interested in filling out the foursome and I replied with 100-words that I’m sure could only be described as brilliant… I also gratuitously leveraged my cute toddler, I suspect the pic to the right is the real reason I was chosen.

Playing 18 with John Cook at a tech-related golf tournament is going to be a great way to spend a Monday in July (although, I hope the round is the sub-6-hour variety).


3 responses to “I made it!

  1. Now, I KNOW that the picture must have tipped the scales in your favor and got you selected!!! Have a great time 🙂

  2. Congrats Brian…Have a nice swing..

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