TechStars Info Session Fun

Monday was a full day invite only info session for TechStars first Seattle program which starts at the end of the summer. What can I say, it was a lot of fun. You definitely feel yourself succumbing to the effects of the cool aid – or Long Island Iced Tea in this case. It was great to see the mentors there and already contributing thought-capital to all of us vying to get into the program.

It was also nice to meet many of the other entrepreneurs, despite the fact that we’re competing for spots everyone was friendly and interested in learning about everyone else. As a testament to the value of bringing energetic entrepreneurs together, I met a handful of folks that are doing things that are complimentary to what we’re doing at Hyper Local Media and we could very well be in a position to help each other over time.

You can see a video recap of the event on John Cook’s blog, don’t let Andy fool you – I didn’t see him in the jacket let alone a tie. If you’re thinking about applying there’s still time, the deadline is June 1.


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