It’s official, we’re an ad network

Yesterday was the 2010 University of Washington Business Plan Competition Investment Round. That mouthful describes the flagship event which featured 36 competitors in tradeshow/science fair format with some 250 judges hearing pitches.

John Cook of Tech Flash was there and visited with us at our booth for Hyper Local Media. He also was shooting video of some of the pitches, I’ve included mine below and you can see John’s post on the day here.

I’m sorry to say that we didn’t advance, I fear we didn’t play the game well enough. We ended up having terrific conversations, many that lasted 15-20 minutes, but that may have done us in. It’s a numbers game and we were enjoying telling our story… maybe a little too much. Nevertheless, it was a great experience and we have some great new contacts as a result.

For those of you who are curious, we going to be formally opening our publisher platform in the next few weeks but we’re recruiting publishers now and we started generating revenue last week.


6 responses to “It’s official, we’re an ad network

  1. Nice clip, Brian! And good summation in the time given. I really liked how you summed up the value prop in joining the network for the community mags. The pitch gets cleaner every time. BTW, are you sticking with hylo or cmn? It was hard to see the focus of the presentation panels/display board from the clip. I guess I had to have been there :\

  2. Yea, we missed you there. Hyper Local Media is introducing the Community Magazine Network, it’s the CMN and the technology platform behind it that delivers scale and can bring targeted reader demographics to advertisers.

  3. Very good job on the pitched! You’ve either done this before or were seriously coached 😉

  4. Thats a very nice pitch. Its shows lots of passion.
    Good work.

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