After nearly 16 months of work we have revenue!

What started out as a research project evolved into a real business in late 2009 and we’ve been working to develop a solution since. Now we’re preparing for our formal launch and have begun recruiting pre-launch publishers. Wait, did I let that slip out? So yes, we are working with a certain type of publisher.

Our revenue to date is limited but it’s the start of something big and, as all of the visitors to our entrepreneurship classes stressed, it demonstrates traction. Once someone is willing to pay for what you’re doing things start to change. In our case, there is a momentum issue tied to a network effect and while we’re just getting started you can already feel the snowball getting bigger.

While still not fully public we’re close and I’ll (finally) be exploring what we’re doing in the next week or two.


4 responses to “Revenue!

  1. Nice!
    Way to go, Brian.
    Now you just need to find the right multipliers 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Now you have to ramp it and I’m sure you can. The month-end quickly starts to take on another meaning when you want sales to land in every month at an ever-increasing number.

    • Hi Lisa, it’s great to hear from you. Hopefully we’ll have a need for Informia in the not too distant future.

      Yea, you make a good point. Definitely don’t want to have spikes and troughs. What sort of things have you done to manage that, promotional pricing or fear of God with the sales folks?

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