Doing what’s right without getting anything done

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy – and I haven’t posted for a while. I always have a lot going on but it’s been a crazy run up to Monday’s quasi-launch. We’re opening up our web application to our first customers, they’ve become complete advocates of what we’re doing but it’s still an anxious and exciting time knowing that we’re on the verge of our first revenue.

Between business school and our lean startup I do a lot more doing than managing at this point so when a day like yesterday happens it feels a little unusual. I had meetings and calls with an adviser, a couple ’employees,’ and a few smaller managerial tasks. Generally, I spend the majority of my day getting work done and checking things of the ever growing to-do list so Friday was definitely less productive based on my traditional measurement. Despite not getting much done it’s pretty exciting to see things being done without my direct intervention and isn’t that what managing is really about?

At this point our team is comprised of just a few people and other than myself and my co-founder everyone else is very part-time so I’ll be doing much of the work for a long time but it’s interesting to look ahead to the day when that changes. At some point we’ll reach an inflection point where my day is primarily comprised of not (directly) getting anything checked off the to-do list but for the time being ‘managing’ won’t be a big part of my job description.


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