Blogging is Work

I knew when I started this little blog it’d be a fair amount of work so I set a modest goal of 1-3 posts per week. Well, I’m not done with month 2 and I’ve skipped weeks entirely. I’ve been very busy but there are a ton of very busy people that blog daily, if not more frequently, how do they do it?

If you blog regularly, how do you balance the blog with the other demands life makes on you?


2 responses to “Blogging is Work

  1. Hey Brian! Allison here from the 1st years. I found this through your LinkedIn comment!

    I would suggest making blog posting as easy as possible with a couple of tools. If you’re not already using Live Writer, you should be! It’s great for editing. There is also a plug in for Live Writer called Zemanta that helps you insert relevant links and pictures into your posts.

    I also use the WordPress app on my iPhone to write quick updates on my day. (My blog is pretty much a personal log. I realize this might not work with your topics.)

    You might also consider writing a bunch of posts at once and schedule them to post in the future.

    I have also been looking into tools that will automatically post my Delicious links (with my comments) each week… I haven’t found the perfect one yet though, so I can’t recommend one!

    That’s all I can think of at the moment! I’d love to hear what else you try.

    • Hey Allison, thanks for the feedback. Definitely appreciate hearing about your strategy unfortunately I don’t tote an iPhone but maybe in the next few years Windows Mobile will get a WP app. I’m realizing it just comes down to diligence and perhaps trading typing for sleeping.

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