More opportunities than time? Priorities!

Most of what I envisioned this blog would be about is the ways in which b-school and the lessons it teaches are different from the realities associated with starting a company but there is one area that they couldn’t be more alike – priorities.

B-school is a bonanza of opportunity and best of all much of it comes to you. At Foster, we’re able to tap into Seattle’s vibrant business community and indeed in many cases busy professionals come to campus to spend time with us (they’ve clearly chosen to make giving back and investing in us a priority). This represents a problem, on any given day there are events that not only conflict with your class schedule but each other.

Startups are similar, especially a pre-revenue startup. There are plenty of opportunities that you could justify pursuing but you only have so much time in the day.

But wait, there’s more. A life you say? You want a life? You have a family you want to spend time with?

So how do you prioritize? I don’t have the answer but it seems coming to grips with the fact that you must make sacrifices is the start. I’ve heard my classmates complain about having to choose between spending lunch one great company exec or another, we are to be pitied aren’t we. As a glass-half-full kinda guy I’m just happy to be in a position to have these sorts of tough choices to make. Besides, isn’t making these sorts of choices what leadership is all about?


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