Whatya mean you don’t get it?

I like talking about my startup, it gives me a chance to refine the message and get feedback on what I’m doing from smart people (and some not so smart people). My goal in every case is to take something away from the conversation no matter how brief the conversation is.

I realized recently that sometimes what has become a given to you others may simply not get, especially if what you’re doing is clever. Of course, you’ve spent countless hours in bed thinking about it and they’ve just been hit upside the head with your idea so it makes sense. Lately I’ve gotten a few blank stares and I’ve realized it’s because they’re not the customer. The benefits our solution would provide, no matter how simple or strange, simply don’t resonate with non-customers.

Selling your idea to non-customers can be a futile effort and distract from the opportunity to glean insights that people who ‘get’ your business can’t provide. It’s seems that in starting a company you don’t just need to learn but you need to devise new ways to learn. Why would you want to do anything else?


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